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“Full of happiness and possibilities of new friendships and deeper relationships” - Participant 2016

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The bucket project began as an idea, a question, a search for a better way of being. It’s a movement that celebrates a human approach to leading and working. It’s about having a purpose, owning your future, looking out for each other.

It’s about building meaningful networks, shaping decent, authentic lives.

It’s about laughter, joy and tears. It’s about truth and acceptance. It’s about what you stand for and the line you choose to draw.

It starts with a question: Are you curious? It starts with a choice: The red pill or the blue?

You can go back to your ordinary life or, you can...

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five stars

“Not knowing what was going to happen next. The conversations with like-minded people. The stunning scenery... The generosity of spirit. The humour. The laughter. And the fact that, while we were pushed, we were also pampered... I wasn't expecting that. I've never experienced a trip where the organisers were so totally selfless and so genuinely concerned for their guests' wellbeing.” ...Participant 2016

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